Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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We keep pace with the rapidly changing renewable energy market. We make sure we play a key role in making Scotland a global hub for sustainable energy.

We bring energy and expertise to a whole range of areas; combined heat and power stations, wind farms, hydro power plants, wood pellet and briquette production, water treatment, geothermal technology and solar energy. We liaise with local and national government agencies on your behalf in related industries, Agriculture, Landed Estates and Oil & Gas.

We can bring sharp minds together to make a significant impact on your business. We also work closely with industry bodies, funding agencies, banks and solicitors. It’s our business to ensure your business succeeds.

We can help with:

  • Project feasibility and commercialisation
  • Financial planning
  • Project tax efficiencies
  • Bank advisory and financial modelling to help secure funding
  • Connecting all parties e.g. solicitors for legal documentation review
  • Tax planning for inheritance tax implications
  • Tax structures, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) approval
  • Investor and bank liaison
  • Challenging bank covenants

Stephen Dickie, Head of Renewable Energy, leads a team with considerable experience in funding, as well as invaluable tax and accounts expertise, helping to deliver commercially successful renewable projects.

“We currently support over 120 renewable enterprises – enough fuel for 50,000 homes!”

Stephen Dickie, Partner and Head of Renewable Energy

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  • Sharp Minds on Renewables

    Download our Renewables brochure below to find out how our expert Renewables team can help you at every step in your Renewables project.

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  • Tax relief for Agri-renewables in Scotland

    The arguments in favour of investing in renewable energy technology for farms and other agricultural businesses continue to gather momentum. Wind turbines, solar photovoltaic (PV), biomass systems and other forms of sustainable energy generation have enabled farmers to dramatically reduce their reliance on fossil fuels while significantly cutting their overall spend on gas and electricity.

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  • Johnston Carmichael Corporate Brochure

    Our business and your business combined opens a world of opportunity – it’s that sense of partnership that has defined us since 1936. For a full overview of our services and our sector expertise please download a copy of our Corporate brochure below.

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