Business Recovery and Insolvency

Business Recovery & Insolvency

Expert team of licensed business insolvency practitioners and corporate finance specialists

We take great pride in immersing ourselves in our clients’ businesses and have an expert team of licensed business insolvency practitioners and corporate finance specialists experienced in dealing with businesses who find themselves in financial difficulty.

Our licensed practitioners can provide a range of services to Companies and Shareholders, Lenders, and to Creditors, such as turnaround and restructuring services, liquidation and administration appointments, negotiations with lenders and creditors, viability reviews and monitoring, receivership appointments and debt recovery.

We are extremely well connected. Working closely with a wide cross-section of sectors we can connect talented people to talented people where and when required to make a significant impact on your business.

The possibility of insolvency can be one of the most traumatic and distressing times an organisation can face.  Over the years our business recovery and insolvency team have built up invaluable experience in dealing with these situations and will always look for a positive outcome from what is usually a distressed situation.

We understand, for example, how important it is for business owners and directors to ensure their business is not operating from a position of insolvency, both from a legal and personal standpoint.  By seeking early advice and having a clear idea of the avenues available to them, many of the dangers of insolvency can be avoided and any damage to an organisation or its owners can be minimised, along with any personal and emotional turmoil.

Businesses have always had to deal with recovering bad debts, however in the current economic climate we know how just much of an issue this has become for many businesses.  We are very conscious that customers are the life blood of our clients’ business and that it is a constant challenge maintaining relationships while at the same time getting paid.  By implementing more rigorous debt collection procedures and terms and conditions bad debts can be avoided, which in turn improves your working capital/cash flow.  For this reason we provide clients with a service to review credit control procedures, historical bad debts and trading terms and conditions along with assistance in implementing procedures and processes to improve your financial health.

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